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ABAssignmenthelp | Oct 23, 2019


A prospectus is generally a statement that is written to describe the various topics of a project or assignment that a student has decided to undertake. Prospectus writing is required in almost all types of professions. In business, learning to write a compelling prospectus is very important. Through this prospectus, they can achieve orders from the investors or get their loan sanctioned from banks. If someone is willing to write a book, the prospectus can help them in finding publishers who are ready to publish their books in the market. Therefore, one needs to develop skills and learn how to write a prospectus.

In academics, prospectus enables the students in summarizing all the topics mentioned in their research report or their thesis or dissertation. Through this, they can state their arguments upon the topics and describe their manner in providing them.

A prospectus generally included the following :

  • The topic of your area: The topic in your prospectus indicates the area of your work. The topic mentioned in your prospectus is wide.
  • Questions related to your topic: A prospectus includes all the questions that can be asked upon your given topic. It leads to a further analysis of your given topic.
  • Thesis: The prospectus must include a thesis report upon the topic covered. It must attempt to answer all the questions that may arise upon your topic.
  • Methodology: The process must contain the method that has been adopted in answering your questions. If a particular question is mentioned in your report, it must contain a methodology behind answering it.
  • Sources: Your prospectus must contain the sources from where the information is extracted. These sources may either be books or articles or web address.

Writing a prospectus demands skills and knowledge. However, students fail in getting good grades in prospectus writing.

The reason behind that is mentioned below:

Inadequate research : Students fail in undergoing robust research upon the topic on which the prospectus is to be written. The research work may either be qualitative or quantitative. However, due to a lack of time and interest, they do not undergo robust research. They must read articles or books containing information upon their topic. For example, if you are writing a prospectus to a bank, you must mention your entire project work, the expenses to be incurred and the benefits that can be obtained. Failing to do complete research upon it will lead you to make an unappealing prospectus.

Inadequate practice : To excel in prospectus writing, one must practice it daily. However, students do not do so. Hey, feel lazy in doing so. Prospectus writing is not a tricky task. But some points must be kept in mind to write a good prospectus. The main deficit noticed in the students is that they do not maintain a proper format while writing a prospectus. Due to which a prospectus looks unattractive to the recipient. One more problem noted in the prospectus written by students is that the points mentioned are not in the order of their priority. It may lead the reader to have an unclear understanding of the topic. Thus, students must keep these points in mind and have a daily practice in writing prospectus.

No Referencing being done : Students do not refer to any books or articles before writing a prospectus. A prospectus is written in a proper format. All the information mentioned in the prospectus is to be drafted in a separate heading. Many times, it is noticed that students write prospectus in the manner of an essay. Thus, they lose marks in not able to give a proper format to their prospectus written.

Ignoring their mistakes : It is generally seen that students ignore their mistakes marked in the prospectus written by them. One needs to keep a note of their own mistakes. Try to understand what kind of mistakes have been made in their prospectus. These mistakes may occur either due to their lack of knowledge or due to their negligent attitude. Students must work on these mistakes and try not to repeat them. However, the attitude of students in ignoring their own mistakes leads them to get poor grades

Unconfident attitude : The main reason behind students not getting good grades in prospectus writing is not having a confident attitude. They have self-doubt that no matter how good they are in writing, they would ultimately land in scoring poor marks. Students must have a self-belief that they have worked hard enough in practicing and learning the skills in writing a good prospectus.

Thus, these were the few above-mentioned reasons behind why students fail in getting good grades in prospectus writing

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