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Research Papers have become a part of the academic life of students. A research paper must be written in such a way it generates an interest in the reader to read the entire paper. Students are made to write a research paper to check their skills in conducting independent research and knowledge upon a given topic. A research paper contains information in a synchronized manner. It contains a list of contents which is summarized under the headings such as an introduction, research methodology, literature review, and conclusion. The descriptions under each heading must be written in such a way that the reader is completely able to understand what the writer wants to say. The module of a research paper depends upon the type of research done by the writer. The research may be either qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative research does not give further information about the information presented in the paper. On the other hand, quantitative research will include the presentation of data in the figures backed behind statistical techniques. Thus, it solely depends upon the writer, how he is willing to present his paper. 

However, there are few points that one needs to keep in mind while writing a research paper. 

1. A Robust Research : Before starting to write a research paper, it is very important to make sure that adequate research has been conducted upon the topic. Now the research may be either primary or secondary. Primary research means that the writer has conducted fresh original research upon a given topic. On the other hand, secondary research means that the research has been conducted upon some already researched documents. The choice of conducting primary or secondary research depends upon the scope that the writer needs to cover while writing the research paper. 

2. Proper Formatting : After the research has been conducted, it is important to keep in mind that proper formatting has been given to your research paper. Divided your research paper into four different parts i.e. the introduction, research methodology, literature review, and the conclusion. Make sure that all the points mentioned under the topic are presented in the manner of their priority. Keep in mind that you use a proper font for the words written. Generally, “Times New Roman” and “Times” are the two formats that are acceptable as the standard format. Keep the font size as 12. Make sure that the font size of the headings is bigger than compared to the other font size. Make an attractive cover page for your research report. 

3. Pre-Draft Work : Before writing a final research paper, make sure that you have pre-drafted your work. Your pre-drafted work will give you an idea of where you have done your mistakes. You just need to be sure that you make a note of all these mistakes and rectify them. Making a Pre-Draft work also gives you a chance in knowing whether you have skipped any important point or not. In case you have skipped it, re-tally them with all the important points. Make sure that you have included all of them while writing your final research paper.

4. Other References : It would be wise enough if you study the research papers that have already been published. You will get a chance to know how they are presenting the data in their research paper. A research paper can be presented in any way the writers seem appropriate. You will notice that some research papers are written in an explanatory manner and some research paper has been written in the form of mathematical and statistical equations. Try to understand, which of the method is more suitable for the topic you want to present in the research paper.

5. Consult your teachers : After you are done with your Pre-Draft work, it will be wise enough if you consult your teacher regarding the work done by you. You may also consult some other person having a robust knowledge of the subject. Consulting other teachers and faculties will allow you to know your mistakes. Make a note of all the errors pointed out by them. These notes will be future references for your future research papers. Make sure that you have accounted for all the mistakes and corrected them before submission of the final research paper. 

6. Conclusion : The conclusion part is the most important part of your research paper. It summarizes all the important points based on their priority. The conclusion must contain all the information and supportive pieces of evidence that you have collected while doing your research. These points are the base, that will support all the points and the conclusion that has been drawn by you. Thus, one needs to write a robust conclusion in their research papers. 

Thus, these are the few important points that one needs to keep in mind while writing their research paper. 

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