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ABAssignmenthelp | Oct 18, 2019


Exams are an integral part of a student’s career. Students work very hard throughout the year to score good marks and to achieve academic excellence. Therefore, it is very important to manage our time for their preparations. Generally, notes are seen to be very useful materials for preparations. In order to prepare their notes, students are required to prepare study guides. The most important benefit that a student gets in preparing study guides is that they get a chance in memorizing all the important points present in their lesson. 

Study guides serve as one of the most important tools that help in reducing stress in students. Nowadays, books refereed by the students is too thick and too huge to be covered entirely before an exam. Study Guides are a way to summarize the topics in such a way that all the important points get covered into points. This enables the student to cover up the entire topic easily before appearing for an exam.

Following points should be kept in mind before preparing a study guide

1. Understanding one’s own learning style

Before starting to prepare a study guide, one should understand their own learning style. Some students learn by simply reading, some learn by listening and some learn it by writing. The reading method is the simplest and it also saves a lot of time. Students having the habit of reading are seen to be having a self-dependent attitude. For them, it is quite simple to prepare their own study guides. They may also record lectures in a classroom and use it to note down important points while designing their own study guide. 

2. Using comparison charts

One of the methods in making study guides is by using the concepts of comparison charts or tables. For example, you can make a comparison between different objects which will help you to organize it for quick comparison and review. Such comparison must be made upon the basis of attributes of the topic covered

3. Referring other study guides

While planning to make your own study guide, you can also take the reference of other study guides too. Learn the different concepts that others have applied in preparing their own study guides. Using those, you can draft your own study guide, recheck it to confirm whether it is adequate and make a final one. It is generally seen that the students who write their own study guide find it easy to memorize them.

4. Referring to teachers and faculties

You may also refer to your teachers before starting to write your study guides. Ask about all the topics that are to be included in your test. After all study guides are the basis of getting prepared for your exams. Therefore, it is always advisable to make sure that none of the topics gets skipped while preparing the study guide. The most reliable source for the preparation of your study guide is your textbook. It is always advisable to have a thorough reading of your textbooks and other reading materials before starting to work on your study guides. Try to link up the class notes with your textbooks.

5. Studying previous year’s test papers

You can also take help from your previous test questions. See what type of questions are being covered. Try to find out topics upon which maximum questions have been asked. Understand the type of questions asked. Whether they are multiple-choice questions or questions requiring long answers. 

Here are a few other points that you need to follow while preparing a study guide.

  • Make a list of all the important points discussed in your classroom.
  • Make a separate note for important terms. If required you may also note down the definition of those terms.
  • After reading a particular topic, try to write it down in your own words. It would be much better if you make a precis out of it. But do keep in mind that all the important points are included. You may also add topics for each and every paragraph. This helps you in doing a quick revision. 
  • Arrange all the information that you have accumulated from your class lectures or your textbooks or any other reference books. However, try to remove unnecessary repetitions. 
  • It is always advisable to write your study guide in your own language. This helps you in getting a much better understanding of the subject. It also helps you in increasing your writing skills. 
  • After completing it, review your work. If possible, submit your study guide for review to someone who has adequate knowledge upon the subject. Make all the necessary changes required. 

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