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Essays have become very common in nowadays academic life. From the very beginning of their academic life, students are taught to write an attractive essay. Students are asked to write essays to enhance their writing skills and creativity. It also enables the students in getting a thorough knowledge of the topic. Essays must be written in such a way that the reader feels interested in reading it. It must be written in one’s word. One must try to write it in simple words so that the reader does not face any difficulty in reading it. While writing an essay, keep in mind that you don’t include any ambiguous words. 

Starting to write an essay becomes very tricky sometimes. The process of writing an essay differs from one individual to another. However, with continuous practice one may find the best way of writing up an essay. While writing an essay keep in mind that all the sentences and paragraphs are important. Try to exclude any information that is irrelevant to the reader. Your essay must be written in a detailed manner. But don’t make it too long for the reader. A lengthy usually discourage a reader in gaining interest in reading it. 

Here are a few points that a student must keep in mind to structure the essay in the best way.

1. An attractive and strong introduction : Start the essay by writing an attractive introduction. An attractive introduction enhances the enthusiasm of the reader in reading the complete essay. The introduction must start with an explanation of the given topic. Include a detailed context and a background upon the given topic. Your essay will become more attractive if you include a detailed purpose for writing upon the topic. 

2. Proper Planning : Planning is very necessary before starting to write your essay. One must plan the structure and format of your essay. While planning, write down all the important points that need to be included in your essay. Arrange all the points based on their priority. Make a detailed summary of all the points that are to be mentioned in your essay. Note down the relevant sources from where you can find valuable information and details supporting your essay. 

3. Prepare a draft work : Before writing a final one, it is advisable to pre-draft your work. It helps you in finding out the mistakes in your essay. An essay will be good only if it is structured properly and is written in a proper format. Read your drafted essay again and again. Make sure that none of the relevant points are missing in your essay. A drafted assignment serves the best base for writing your final essay. 

4. Referring other essays : A wise way to learning how to write a structured essay lies in reading other essays. See how those essays are being written. Notice the points that make those essays attractive and interesting to read. Read essays about different topics written by expert writers. Try to understand its theme. Study how they are drafting their explanations upon the given topic. Try to incorporate all the knowledge that you get in reading them in your essays. 

5. Consulting an expert. : Structuring an essay becomes very tricky if you do not have adequate knowledge upon it. It would be better if you submit your pre-drafted work to your teacher or an expert in essay writing. Ask them to mark down your mistakes. Discuss with them the ideas that you can use in writing your essay in a much better way. This will give you an opportunity in enhancing your skills in writing down your essay in a structured format. You may even go through blogs, articles or books to learn to write an essay in a structured format.

6. Proper Format : The format of your essay must be proper. It must be very simple. Keep a one-inch margin on all sides of the page. Keep the font size to 12. Make sure that the font size is the same throughout your essay. You may also add footnotes to give further information upon your essay. Add a border to your page. You must also add page numbers below each page. 

7. Cover Page : A cover page is the starting page of your essay. It contains the name of your topic, your name and your roll no. The font size of your topic must be large in comparison to the font size of your name and your roll no. Do not add page numbers to your cover page. 

8. Conclusion : The conclusion is the most important part of your essay. It concludes all the points mentioned in your essay based on supportive informative and pieces of evidence. The main purpose of writing a conclusion is to summarize all the points and give a final judgment.

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