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ABAssignmenthelp | Oct 29, 2019


Over the years, our education system has undertaken a vast change. From the style of teaching to the subjects being taught, our education system has developed in many ways. Let us start from the very beginning of our education system. There was a time, where students were being sent to Gurukuls to learn their lessons. They used to live with their teachers, eat with them and studied too. It was like a hostel for the students. The student would return home only when his teachings were complete. The most important lesson in that period was in life. Much of the emphasis was given to the subject where students were taught how to live a good life. 

Over the period, with the advancement of many technologies and with the gathering of information on subjects, the study module changed. Nowadays students are taught in every subject. Basic knowledge of each subject is being given to the students. The education system is divided into stages depending upon the age of a student. In most of the countries, the students need to have a compulsory education till the age of 16. During these 16 years, the education of a student is being divided into four categories. These four categories depending upon the age of a student. E.g. students having age till 6 into one category, till the age of 10 into the second category, till the age of 14 into the third category and till the age of 16 into the fourth category. After attaining the age of 16, it depends upon the students to choose the career they want. They can either be an accountant or an engineer or a doctor or a scientist. They are also made to sit for compulsory examinations before they are allowed to choose a particular career. 

In this blog, we will discuss how the education system has changed over some time.

1. Admission Process : The admission process for the students has taken a drastic change. Earlier every student was given admission in the schools in their starting stage of education. Gradually, the process of the interview started to take place in schools. As competition grew, schools wanted the best of the students to get admitted to their academy. Thus, they started to test the ability of the students to judge their competence for getting admission to their schools. This process was taken further by taking the interview with their parents. 

2. Education System : The training of the students has been seen to be changed from time to time. The change depended on the necessity of a student to get more knowledgeable and skilled. With the advancement of work, the need for computers arose. There was a time when people used to do all their stuff using only their minds. But now, things have become so complex that it can be done only through a computer. Thus, students need to have a piece of robust knowledge in working on computers. Moreover, students are also updated upon the latest technologies that are being invented in the world.

3. Teaching Technique : Over some time, it has been noticed that the teaching technique has been changed widely. Previously, there were not so many students in one class. But with the growing population and the growing need to be educated, stuffed the classrooms with many students. Thus, it was impertinent for a teacher to change its teaching technique. It has become almost impossible for a teacher to concentrate upon a single student. Thus, schools issue their books and lecture videos that a student can follow in case he/she faces any difficulty in following the lectures. The teaching technique also witnessed a major change with the advancement of technology. Nowadays, a student can get educated from his home. He can opt for an online video class and get himself trained. 

4. Examination Process : The examination process has undergone several changes depending upon the need of the students. Over some time, the examination pattern has been designed in a much intellectual way. Rather than wanting the students to just attempt long questions, students are asked to answer multiple-choice questions or questions requiring brief answers. This helps the examiner to judge how a student is capable of answering questions in the simplest way possible. Earlier students use to write answers in the form of stories. Now they are just required to answer to the point. 

5. Specialization : In today’s modern era, having diverse knowledge is not important. Rather it is important to specialize in one subject. Thus, the education system is designed in such a way that the students can study up on the subject that they want to pursue. In the initial stage, they have to decide the career they want to opt for. Next, they have to decide on a particular course in that subject they want to study upon. And at last, they have to decide the topic in that particular subject they want to specialize in. 

Thus, these are the above-mentioned changes that can be seen in the modern education system.

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