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The education system in the UK is famous all around the world. The education system in the UK is of very high quality and standard. The British education system is divided into five parts:

  1. Early Education
  2. Primary Education
  3. Secondary Education
  4. Further Education
  5. Higher Education

Students having age starting from being 3 years old to 16 years old are compulsorily required to attend school. This is their compulsory education. Afterward, it's their own choice to chose their education stream which depends upon the career they choose.

The education system in the UK is almost similar to what is there in other countries. However. There is a bit of difference amongst them. 

In this blog, we will discuss each stage of education briefly.

1. The compulsory Education

Stage 1: This stage includes students having age between 3 years to 7 years. They are given basic knowledge upon many subjects. These subjects include geography, history, English, maths, etc. They are also trained to learn the basic manners of life. They are trained in speaking words. They are trained to speak words with proper pronunciation. They are made to speak more than 40 words loudly. In the end, they are called to appear for an exam. They are tested in the subjects of English, Maths, and Science.  

Stage 2: After attaining the age of 7, students enter the second stage of their learning. They remain in this stage till they attain 11 years of age. In this stage, they are trained to read small paragraphs. They are taught to understand the meaning of punctuation in their reading paragraphs. 

Stage 3: Students enter this stage after attaining the age of 11. Students are required to train hard in this stage as they are required to sit for their GCSE examinations. New subjects are being introduced during this stage of learning. They are taught on subjects such as Foreign Language, Technology and Computers. 

Stage 4: This is their final stage of compulsory education. Students enter this stage after attaining the age of 14. They stay in this stage till the age of 16. They are required to train themselves to qualify the national assessment tests. The key subjects in this stage are English, Mathematics, and Science. 

2. The secondary education

Once a student passes through the compulsory stage of learning, students enter the second stage of their learning, i.e., the secondary education stage. The primary and secondary stage of learning is compulsory for a student until the age of 16. However, after that, it becomes optional for the students. 

 3. The Higher Education 

The Higher Education System of the UK is renowned all over the world. It is known for its standard and quality. Some of the colleges and universities that provide higher education are famous all over the world. Students across the world try their luck every year to get themselves admitted to these colleges and universities. The capital city of the UK, London, is referred to as the higher education capital study. After undergoing their study at this level, they are made to appear in an examination to test their ability and their learning. Based on the marks they score; they are made to decide whether they can pursue their education at a much higher level or not. 

On completion, students are also eligible for pursuing their post-graduate studies or their Ph.D. The schools, colleges in the UK have a very different style of learning. They do not force the students to learn what they want. Instead, students are allowed to choose their stream of study. This enables a student to pursue their dreams. This also enables the students in gaining confidence in what they want to pursue in life. 

In such a higher stage of learning, students are also judged based on their hold upon a particular subject. They are directed to make assignments, research papers or a thesis report. Students are tested in how well they are capable of making their assignments creative and attractive. By directing them to make a research paper, students are tested based on the research conducted by them. The methodology followed by them depicts their interest upon the given subject. Not only this, but they also learn the various methodology that they can apply while working on their research paper. By directing them to make a thesis report, their skills are tested in the manner of their hold upon a given topic.

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